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Weddings should be celebratory, easy, gorgeous, fun and stress-free! Planning a wedding shouldn’t be a full-time job, nor should it be a money pit. Weddings can be easy, affordable and special without sacrificing aesthetics, professionalism or your life savings. At Pocket Square Weddings we fervently believe in people over things. We believe there’s a happy place in the middle of a full-scale wedding and a courthouse. That’s what we do here at Pocket Square Weddings. We get you down the aisle and to the altar to say your I Do’s, followed by a champagne toast and a cake cutting all in 90 minutes, portrait session included.Your wedding should be filled with celebration, love and joy. It’s a magical event, but far too often, the planning process is fraught with worry and stress. We would love to see couples spend quality time together instead of engaging and laboring over logistics. That’s why we’ve created Pocket Square Weddings. At Pocket Square Weddings we fervently believe in people over things. We’ve found the balance between a courthouse affair and a blow-out wedding production. During your 90-minute Pocket Square Wedding, you’ll enjoy a ceremony and celebration, complete with flowers, photography, music, cake, and up to 30 of your closest friends and family. 

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