Pocket Square Weddings was created by Rebecca Thorpe (Principal Planner of Copper Cricket Events) and Sarah True (Creative Director of True Event) who both saw the need for creating a stylish, turnkey and affordable wedding option for couples that wanted a celebration in-between a secret elopement and City Hall.

Pocket Square Weddings are the hottest new way to tie the knot that take a fraction of the time & investment of a traditional wedding. Round up a group of your closest family & friends for a fun-sized celebration at one of Pocket Squares coolest spaces. All of the essentials are not only there, but have been thoughtfully designed and effortlessly executed.

It’s not mini, it’s Pocket Square.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, I have always had a passion for design, but it was New York City that really launched my career goals into high gear. Driven by the fast pace and the energy of so many creative people, I found opportunities to study side-by-side with some of the most talented floral designers in the industry, at the renowned Parsons School of Design. Working with flowers gave me so much insight into the impact of color, texture and fragrance and how those elements can transform an event into something magical and memorable. I love working with people. I love making them laugh. I love working hard to execute their vision for the perfect event. I love designing unique and gorgeous events that reflect their own personal style and that are as unique as they are. It makes my job very rewarding and puts a smile on my face every day. Not everyone can say that their job is their passion – I’m lucky that my job is my dream come true.

hello, I'm sarah!

True Event


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Rebecca has over 15 years of experience planning and designing weddings and special events of all sizes and shapes in and around Connecticut, Hudson Valley and beyond. With a love for all things beautiful and an affinity for the smallest and most thoughtful details, Pocket Square Weddings is a perfect new venture for helping couples have a stunning event that fits their needs.

Hey, i'M reBECCA!

Copper Cricket Events

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Yumiko Fletcher is the owner and creative director of Hana Floral Design. With every centerpiece, bridal bouquet and corsage she creates, Yumiko gives you something extraordinary — a unique perspective on flowers born from her own life.
Inspired by her years as a classically trained opera singer, every creation is an enthralling performance in petals and buds. Yet there’s an essential harmony in everything she does. A balance. A calm. A philosophy on life inherited from her Japanese mother.

Yumiko’s unwavering standards and creativity are shared by her tight-knit staff. With a combined 25 years of working with flowers, these uniquely talented individuals are bound by an uncanny ability to understand client’s needs and a penchant for creating extraordinary arrangements that always inspire.


hana floral

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE to chase the sun. I love finding the candid, in-between moments that tell a love story. My style is often referred to as photojournalistic with a touch of classic and I make photographs simply because I love to. I love fruit, yoga, crosswords, long walks (not just on the beach), sports, my little dog Michael Jackson the Furst (yes, that's his real name), and my beautiful husband, Joel. We call NYC & LA home, but can often be found adventuring wherever the wind takes us.

I bring over a decade of wedding photography experience with me to ensure that your sweet moments are cherished for generations. 


leila brewster photography

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Who we are as a team!

Innovative - Times are changing and we’ve created a simple but elegant experience for the modern couple.

Uncomplicated - We provide a done-for-you wedding experience that is low drama and minimal fuss… perfect for the modern couple who has places to go and people to see. 

Economical - We are committed to delivering a quality experience that is affordable and cost efficient. Instead of breaking the bank paying for things like calligraphy and napkin rings, save your money for that mortgage payment, nagging student debt or the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Environmentally-Friendly - By splitting the costs of the venue and vendors with other couples on your wedding day, you can help minimize waste of materials, resources, and time.

Well-executed - You can expect excellence from us. Your Pocket Square Wedding team is a group of industry leaders with years of design experience. We’re professional and talented and will deliver a top-notch event.

 A Local Experience - We’ve selected some of the most iconic and exclusive venues across Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York! We’ve created a platform that provides couples favoring more intimate celebrations with access to gorgeous venues. At Pocket Square Weddings, an ocean front wedding does not require a big budget or guest list. 

we are...